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Islamic inheritance law (9 Key Foundations)

One of the most prominent questions you may have is where I started learning about Muslim succession law. Using free online calculators is easy and enables you to calculate shares, but it will not touch your heart, and that's why we encourage you to learn Sunni Inheritance sharers and calculations through our courses of videos with audio narrations, free articles hub, and tools created based on the best practices for an ultimate experience. The course will give you basic to advance level skills in calculating shares. You can save time in a college or university, especially if you are an individual, testator, grantor, beneficiary, student, professional, researcher, attorney, or lawyer⎯in this or other areas; you can master your skill with practical guidelines and complete the curriculum without stress, challenge, complexity, teaching supervision, and time limitations. Some of the highlights of the web-based e-Learning crash course include below.

#1 Sources

#2 Eligibility

Learn eligibility criteria of birth, marriage, and blood relations.


Identify inheritors and respective divisions for Furuz (i.e., Prescribed), Asabah (i.e., Residuary Lineage), and Dhawi al-arham.

#4 Conditions

Learn about single, multiple, dead, and alive conditions for Muslim heirs.

#5 Blocking Rules

Learn about exclusion rules.

#6 Deduct Debts and Bequests

Calculate the net divisions' accounting debts (Zakat, Kaffarat, expenses, taxes, pending Mahr, Hajj or prayer, etc.) fulfillments, Bequests, Byt-Ul-Maal, etc.,

#7 Calculations

Compute the shares using Radd and Awwal scenarios.

#8 Madhab

Learn differences of opinion of Sunni Jurisprudence (Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki, and Hanbali) regarding legacy.

#9 Special cases

Learn the limitations of normal calculations in scenarios such as Al Himariyyah, Al Kdariyyah, Al Mushtarika, etc.,



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