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20 Benefits of Islamic inheritance law course of Wassiyyah

Wassiyyah made learning and teaching easy, accessible, and enjoyable for the Al-Mirath course. After completing this course, you will no longer say, "Islamic inheritance is complex or complicated"; instead, you will love and appreciate it. Please read the reasons to learn Islamic inheritance law. Also, help you understand the implications of your Wasiyya, Trust, or Waqf that you will create as part of Islamic estate planning. Learning from this course can benefit students, teachers, educators, lawyers, attorneys, researchers, or anyone. The following features will help you understand why Wassiyyah's course best fits you.

  1. Unlimited membership access. Free for Wassiyyah's premium and advance members.

  2. Interactive Video series created professionally to prepare you theoretically and practically. You will also get the opportunity to do the self-assessment through video. See course content.

  3. The course is available in English with audio narrations subtitled in over a hundred languages. If you are a Non-English speaker, there is no need to worry because the videos are available in more than 100 world languages, with captions (or subtitles).

  4. Available 24x7 from any computer or device or accessed digitally anywhere. There are no technology restrictions for using a device or browser, and you can start anytime.

  5. One license can allow your entire family to learn.

  6. Content principles and references have been reviewed and certified by highly qualified Imams, Scholars, and Muftis (Doctorate/Ph.D.) to deliver the most reliable and authentic curriculum.

  7. Content is condensed and short, not to exceed 4 hours the entire course, to respect everyone's time. Save time by completing the course in a few hours. Our team spent thousands of hours learning and researching; the outcome is quality and accuracy. The reward will be waiting for us and everyone who will get opportunities.

  8. The course is filled with valuable content to make it most efficient. Wassiyyah went beyond the traditional way of teaching that you would realize only after completing this course.

  9. You can go back, rewind, and consolidate your learning from your fingertips.

  10. Optionally, you can get a certification issued by Wassiyyah if needed.

  11. This crash course and any course offered or available will be free and included in the package.

  12. Create unlimited estate plans under membership. Estate plans purchase cost is excluded.

  13. The course will help you learn and implement the strategies for optimizing your estate plans.

  14. The course is suitable for any individual, whether a Muslim or non-Muslim. We kept the professional theme to suit universal needs.

  15. The course is designed to meet the basic (or fundamentals) to advanced learners. It's highly beneficial for students, teachers, educators, professionals, lawyers, attorneys, researchers, or any candidates in the area to help them save time in understanding and quickly onboarding to their job or research. You no longer have to wait to attend events, sessions, workshops, schools, or institutes. You can start in a moment and get unlimited access.

  16. If you are already familiar with Islamic law and need clarifications or verification, this course will help you channel clarification and master your skills.

  17. You can get many more courses and see all features for your estate planning goal by joining the Wassiyyah family.

  18. You know that estate planning is just not for a day or two. You would need it for your entire life. Islamic inheritance law is core to Islamic estate planning, including Islamic Wills, Trusts, or Waqf. That means Islamic inheritance comes as a primary category of estate planning products. When you are a premium or advance member, you can check back when you need it regarding Islamic inheritance. So, it's a great investment for the future.

  19. This crash course includes learning modules on sources (Holy Quran, Sunnah or Hadith, Ejma, Qiyas), eligibility nasab (i.e., blood or kinship), sabab (i.e., nikah), wala (i.e., friendship bond), al mawt (i.e., death), presence of warithun (i.e., heirs), and Tarikah (i.e., estates) left, conditions, Asbah al Furuz or Faraidh (i.e., fixed or prescribed shares), and warith (i.e., heirs, beneficiary or sharers), Asabat or Asabah (i.e., residuary or residuaries), Dhawul Arham (i.e., distant kindred relatives), Hajb (i.e., partial and full blocking or exclusion) rules, LCM (Least common multiple) and Algebraic expression mathematic methods used for Radd (i.e., Return or Reversion) and Awal or Aul (i.e., increase) doctrine calculations, Miras distribution among Zabil furuz, a procedure of Munasakha, special scenarios, and more. The course is also created in the light of all four Sunni Islamic jurisprudence schools (i.e., Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki, and Hanbali)

  20. Wassiyyah's course is offered at the lowest rate worldwide at US$9.99 the majority can afford. For example, If you have five members in your family, it will cost US$1.99 . It is not amazing! However, you cannot share our course outside your family members. Signing up for courses to gain commercial benefits from Wassiyyah's resources is prohibited per the Terms of Wassiyyah.



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