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Islamic Inheritance law book (Ultimate reference)

Islamic inheritance law is complex, as quoted from professionals, including lawyers, attorneys, orientalists, and Islamic scholars. This complexity was not for the companions of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), who loved and upheld the laws of inheritance by heart.

To make its complexity enjoyable, Wassiyyah brings years of expertise in Islamic inheritance and delivers learning resources in various formats, including blogs and videos.

To get the most out of it, stay tuned for our exclusive books on inheritance, which are not limited to Islamic Inheritance law, but you will have the opportunity to learn beyond. This website content reflects some of the pieces of this forthcoming book, but you will see much more than this, with details at an academic level.

We will cover the most that you may need to refer to many leaflets, documents, or other Islamic Inheritance books.

Islamic Inheritance law book

We will cover over 2500 test cases of Islamic Inheritance law about all four Madhab in this book and more than 50 calculated examples with detailed summaries for a student and professionals at an academic level.

This book does not only include Islamic Inheritance law, but we have exclusive details about Jewish, Christian, and Hindu Inheritance laws. Islamic inheritance law is compared one-to-one with other laws and includes an extensive summary based on research.

Islamic inheritance law book

Allah, the Most Glorified and the Most High, knows the best. As a human, We are limited to everything and can not perceive it in totality...



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