Wassiyyah aims to extend Islamic inheritance law knowledge and reveal its beauty, justicefairness, and more to every part of the world. Gaining education about Islamic inheritance (Ilm Al Mirath) is not just a duty but part of Muslim worship. The Islamic succession law is the foundation of Islamic estate planning (i.e., Islamic Wills, Trusts, Wealth distributions, Debts) to look after the heritage you leave after death, Janazah, and burial. Using free online Islamic inheritance calculators is easy to compute but will not touch your heart, and that's why we encourage you to learn through our basic/advanced courses of videos with audio narrations and free articles hub and tools for an ultimate experience. Some of the highlights of the crash course study include sources (Holy Quran, Sunnah, Ijma, and Qiyas), Furuz (i.e., Prescribed), Asabah (i.e., Residuary with Lineage)Dhawi al-arham, Byt-Ul-Maal, conditions, Solve Rad and Awwal cases through calculation, Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki, and Hanbali opinions, practice problems, and other scenarios (Al Himariyyah, Al Kdariyyah, Al Mushtarika, etc.,). The content of the course has been authenticated under the guidance of highly qualified Muftis (Doctorate/Ph.D.). You can save time without attending college, or university, especially if you are an individual, student, researcher, attorney, or lawyer; in this area, you can master your skill with the curriculum without stress, challenge, complexity, teaching supervision, and time limitations.


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