Under Islamic law, Brothers can inherit Brothers' property if no Sons (or Sons of Sons how low soever), no father (or father of father) survive under certain conditions with applicable Madhab's differences of opinion. However, most legal laws do not allow brothers to inherit in Brothers' property. Siblings can be either Full, Paternal, or Maternal. To understand these relations better, Refer to this blog. Refer to "Islamic inheritance sharers and residuary" to learn more about siblings share.


Full, Paternal, and Maternal Siblings are blocked by Sons, (and Sons of Sons how low soever) and Father. Maternal Siblings are also blocked by Father of Father how high soever. Paternal Grandfather (i.e. Father of Father) how high soever blocks the Full and Paternal Siblings as per Hanafi, but no as per Shafii, Maliki, and Hanbali. Refer to "Islamic Inheritance Blocking Rules" to learn more.


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