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Islamic inheritance law learning (Overview)

Learning Sunni Islamic law of succession has been crucial to many authors, attorneys, lawyers, and researchers. Learning Muslim law of succession is a duty and a reward for Muslims because the origin is Holy Quran. Islamic succession law forms the foundation for Islamic Wills and Trust (or Waqf) with both Islamic and legal implications. Not understanding can lack the ability to optimize Islamic estate planning objectives. Wassiyyah offers an exclusive learning platform for the Muslim law of inheritance. Your interest in learning is the first step towards the sacred journey to meet the ultimate goal of achieving worldly and spiritual success. You will not only gain the knowledge and material benefits (i.e., to help you with Islamic estate planning), but it will be rewarding spiritually. The learning of succession for Muslims is not something out of the box or modern inventions but is based on principles that come from the Holy Quran in daily prayers and life. So, it's a part of devotion that is not without reward, InshAllah. Feel free to browse free blogs and articles, and for more advanced learning, consider joining an Islamic inheritance course that is available at the lowest price of US$9.99 under membership. You do not have to spend thousands of hours learning that Wassiyyah spent creating learning resources, but in less than 5 hours, you will be convinced to say, "Inheritance of Muslim law is no longer complex." Additionally, after completing this crash course, you will feel full of love and will be tempted to discover more, that is Wassiyyah's promise to you.


We have published many important topics under Islamic inheritance law Blogs and Articles that you can search or browse for free.


If you are interested in reading books on this subject, this is the place for you. Wassiyyah has centralized resources for learning in the Islamic inheritance law books library, so you do not need to browse thousands of web pages or scroll a load of books. It includes a full list of books with links. There are also other important books on topics such as the history of the Holy Quran and Hadith text compilation.


Wassiyyah Academy offers an exclusive Islamic inheritance course with captions or subtitles in more than 100 languages. This course has been certified by highly qualified scholars and Muftis, and see all features. This course is available for premium and advanced members of Wassiyyah. Under premium or advance membership, you get all the courses offered under Wassiyyah for free, access to creating your estate plans, and many other benefits. You can find full membership benefits.


Stay tuned for an upcoming book on succession law, which includes extensive details with more than 2500 test cases. It also includes details about Jewish, Christian, and Hindu succession laws and a comparative summary of Islamic law.


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