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Sunni Islamic Inheritance Calculators

Updated: Feb 18

There is a full of texts in the Muslim Holy book Quran, and Hadith is a collection of narrations of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. There are inheritance calculators available online that incorporates the doctrine of Radd (i.e., proportional increase) and Awwal (i.e., proportional decrease) applies to fixed or prescribed shares (Ashab al-Furudh). If Residuary (al-Asabat), then the doctrine of Radd is not applicable. The final Islamic inheritance shares must account for after debts (loans, mortgages, etc.), burial or funeral expenses, legal and administration cost for executors and trustees, obligatory religious debts, inheritance taxes, and testamentary bequests (al-wasiyya). Distant kindred (Dhawul Arham) inherits if neither fixed nor residuary survives, except distant kindred do inherit in the presence of Husband or Wife. The calculated shares will be in fractions, percentages (%), or both. Any individual, lawyer, or judge can use these online calculators can be used without requiring prior knowledge however, they can be used carefully as they may have some inaccuracy or errors due to reliance on computer programming codes, and if needed, validations with Islamic scholars or Mufti are to be done, especially if utilized for estate distribution. We recommend using these Islamic inheritance calculators to gain some understanding. However, it will not give you heart touching feeling to experience the beauty, justice, and fairness of Islamic inheritance law. We suggest using our free blogs, articles, and guide. You may consider joining our exclusive Islamic inheritance course to get the most out of it.

ILM Inheritance calculator

This is a great calculator and easy to use, but it does not have customized inheritance calculations in different Islamic schools' jurisdictions, such as those specific to Hanafi, Shaafi, Maliki, and Hanbali. You can access HERE. This calculator is created based on two books; Al-Kitab and As-Sunnah by Mohammad Al-Jibaly and the The Islamic law of Succession by Dr.A.Hussain.

IRTH Inheritance calculator

This calculator is easy to use and provides calculations based on different Madbab, including Hanafi, Shaafi, Maliki, and Hanbali. You can access HERE. This calculator is based on the book Fiqh us Sunna by Shaikh El-Sayyed Sabeq.

Islamic Inheritance Laws

This website provides comprehensive guides, lessons, charts, and videos. Click here to access it.

Islamic Inheritance

This website provides Islamic inheritance information for American Muslims. Click here to access it.

Disclaimer: We are not a representative or agent for any third-party services, and also, We haven't independently verified the accuracy of these services, and so liability remains with the user.

Allah, the Most Glorified and the Most High, knows the best. As a human, We are limited to everything and can not perceive it in totality...
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